Charming. Silent & LETHAL

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Your next pain or your next excitement will be created by people you allow into your life

Product Description

Do you know that all of life occurs right there between the interplay of three variables: PEOPLE, PLACES and EVENTS? Of these three, the most critical is PEOPLE but people are only people because PLACES are real and EVENTS occur. All of human misery and joy, blessing and curse, progression, retrogression or stagnancy, profit or loss, success or failures are all determined on a daily basis as we connect and exchange with people in places and through diverse events. There must be a kind of awareness, consciousness or education that empowers the human mind to connect intelligently and effectively with people in a way that creates growth and advancement.
Your next pain or your next excitement will be created by people you allow into your life. It’s called human exchange; and there are combinations of factors responsible for the contents of human exchange, either positive or negative. Top on the list is the green enemy called envy. The discernment of envy, spotting it at the speed of expression and managing it is critical for peace, meaning and balance in a human life. The destiny of a man remains threatened as long as his ignorance of the dynamics of envy remains. Truth is, envy is one ugly, destructive creature who is more than willing to devour us if we are naive or we despise caution. Envy is simply a creature that requires constant vigilance and battle.


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