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Understanding The Next 365 days: 4 Hours of Undressing 2017

Product Description

2017 Is About Power Exchange

2017 is about how much power you can wield and attract within your areas of interest and influence; and how many power centers (persons, organizations and institutions) you can connect that power to. 2017 is also the foundation for the next four years. This year will test your level of control over your necessary human experiences. As a futurist, every year, Olakunle Soriyan invests the better part of his time-use and energy deployment in robust prescience efforts—fact-finding and trend watching, with a goal to having clarity now about happenings still very much ahead—knowing the end from the beginning. This work is a multi-variant value set, 2 DVDs and 4 Audio CDs, titled “UNDERTANDING THE NEXT356 DAYS: 4HOURS OF UNDRESSING 2017”, plus a bonus CD Titled “RESOLUTIONARY THOUGHTS: NEW IDEAS FOR KEEPING RESOLUTIONS” and a Devotional Calendar titled: “12 THEMES FOR ENGAGING 2017”. The key objective is to empower you with the clarity and control you need all through 2017. This is the counsel: To whom a brain is given, sense is expected. But what you put in is what you will pull. We simply cannot give what we do not have. So like fuel to cars, wings to birds, and grass to cows, let Olakunle Soriyan help you make sense of this 2017. After all, whether nonsense or senseless, you cannot spell both words without sense.


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