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Many well meaning individuals today are in this DOCILE STATE OF LUNACY,You will be shocked you are there.

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Since the arrival of the 2000’s, the pace of change has sped up to dizzying levels; and globalization, rapid-fire technological innovation, increasing demands of welfare economies into a state of ceaseless turmoil. It’s worse for Africa, as local minds, talents and skills are seeking relevance in a world dominated by superior knowledge from Asia, the West and America. It Cannot be untrue that through influence from ancestor to ancestor, generation to generation , the average African sustain personal ideologies, values work ethics and general assumptions and the world views that are hypnotized by the negative impact of over 50 years of social and economic disequilibrium…dictatorship by strongmen, corruption, coup d’etat , civil wars, genocide, widespread poverty, lack of trained personnel as well as economic weakness…without adding that of slave trade and colonialism.
A fact finding expedition with over $26,000 (Twenty Six Thousand Dollars) expended studying Leadership and human actions in three countries o f Africa, revealed that for every hundred (100) African, over ninety five (95)are suffering from the bondage of this hypnotism; and that of ninety-five (95), only ten(10) are conscious of the hypnotism, and have accepted the challenges to seek freedom from it. The remaining (85) are in a state of conscious , unintentional and indecisive existence, busy playing the majority game, pretending to be in control and pretending to be fulfilled and happy…CEOs and Corporate Executives, Top Politicians and Government Functionaries, Husbands, Wives, Children, Teenagers & Adults, the very poor and the very rich and wealthy are blinded by this deep hypnotism, so deep is actually a state of lunacy…DOCILE LUNACY…the second level of lunacy after the first, EXTREME LUNACY. Their are twelve traits of lunacy common to both EXTREME LUNATICS and DOCILE LUNATICS. Many well meaning individuals today are in this DOCILE STATE OF LUNACY. his was were I was at a time in my life. You will be shocked you are there.


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