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This is your secret weapon for the times we live in.

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Since the arrival of the 2000’s, the pace of change has sped up to dizzying levels; and globalization , rapid fire technological innovation, increasing demands of welfare economics as well as the impact of post-recession realities have pushed economies into a state of ceaseless turmoil. It’s worse for corporate Africa, as a critical mix of local talents whose personal ideologies, values, work ethic and general assumption and world view is hypnotized by the negative impact of over 50 years social and economic disequilibrium. Truth be told, competition has changed colour, competition is no longer by your side or on the next table or upper floor in the office. Competition is in South Africa, Tokyo, India, the U.K, USA, Canada or Abu Dhabi, and decisions made in Beijing can change your life tomorrow morning. Technology is a different ball game all together and as soft wares and machines are willing to be the ultimate workers…keep in mind that machines don’t need vacations sick leaves or coffee breaks, they don’t need retirement and health benefits. And they don’t sue you for wrongful sexual harassment. In the US alone, over four million jobs gone already with over 600,000 in February of 2009 alone; what do you think, You may want to deal with the fact that there are people within AIG,General Motors , Sony, Nokia, DHL and the likes who have remained immune din the layoff reality created by recession.
If you can’t say why your personal contributions make your firm a better place, then get ready, you may be only a few weeks away from lay –off, tears and disappointment.Welcome to the Audio series of the Corporate Culture Company (C3). This material contains a synopsis of a 3 day Training Solution Course called Top Life –Top Work: understanding the critical success factors for becoming and remaining the Star in today’s complex world of work. The Training Solution formally known as Effective Work Habits, has many years served as a resource material for numerous organizations. Its thoroughly researched content has aided working women and men from cross section of industries raise their performance astronomically. The success of the training solution has generated wide spread demand for the audio version. And this CD has been put together in response to that demand. This course was designed many years ago in anticipation , and in response to some challenges we envisage would take their toll on the world of work in years to come, and which right now , are already in effect. We will learn the balance between fun times and serious exchange ;the critical difference between working for yourself and working for others or for your dream, you will find yourself and appreciate again the first principle of laying the foundation for a great ,top flight career ; discover the secret of Indispensability; how to become your organizations number 1 prime asset ; superior enlightenment and manage relationships…relationships that win in the work place and in leading the knowledge Worker respectively. This is your secret weapon for the times we live in.


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