Olakunle Soriyan is one of the world's greatest resourceful talents. Honoring diverse engagements for close to two decades, Soriyan's skills, actions and opinions are admired and trusted as a compelling entity making a real difference by powerful minds everywhere, organizations and even colleagues within and beyond the industry.

He is a mystic---daily and intentionally applying his unusual wisdom and ability to create optimism and freedom, chart way forward, discern new vistas, new frontiers and next level, display understanding and connection to invisible paths and trajectories of growth within each of us. Olakunle Soriyan is a mind engineer. Now, since there exist no substitute for knowledge and experience in dealing with complexities at any level, the success of your next program or event or the solution to the next challenge or success of your next meeting starts by getting the right resource person for the right organization.

Soriyan has given several talks, and has spoken, locally and internationally, at many seminars, functions and programs, conferences and workshops to various audience groups. A robust thinker, futurist and transformation strategist, Soriyan's sessions are inspiring, disruptive, fast moving, jargon-free, full of wisdom, informative, enjoyable and entertaining. Soriyan presents a series of great original ideas and strategies with compelling depth and a rare combination of fact, humor, insights and practical concepts. Whether as a speaker, trainer, preacher, coach, counselor, negotiator or mediator, live-in-person engagements are the core of Olakunle Soriyan's sessions. Yet, Soriyan helps forward-thinking organizations (who for any reason are not able to host him in-person) leverage technology to bring him to their audiences or meetings in new and affordable ways. His team creates and provides usable support for Web events, customer speaker video through email, pre-event video to introduce and promote live speeches, and post-speech video to support meeting and organizational goals. To book Olakunle Soriyan for your next program or meeting, Kindly fill the form.

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