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We have invested six years and thousands of dollars in a research effort about GOING GLOBAL. IDEAS GOING GLOBAL is one of the many outcomes of this research. The IDEAS GOING GLOBAL BUSINESS COCKTAIL is a Nation-Building and Thought Leadership Exchange. It will take place at 4pm, in Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Lagos, Nigeria December 9th, 11th and 17th 2016 in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt respectively. The cocktail is co-organized by MICROSOFT and the OLAKUNLE SORIYAN COMPANY. It is about THOUGHT REVOLUTION with a single-minded focus on inspiring and impacting THINKERS, INFLUENCERS and DECISION MAKERS with the NEW THINKING, MENTAL POSTURE, PENETRATIVE IDEAS and COMPELLING TOOLS for GOING GLOBAL from Africa to the World. Our theme is 'a NEW ECONOMY: The African Imperative'. The IDEAS GOING GLOBAL BUSINESS COCKTAIL is NOT a PAID EVENT. It is FREE OF CHARGE but STRICTLY by REGISTRATION/INVITATION.



The assumption is simple: It is that the MOST PROSPEROUS NATIONS in the world have the BIGGEST BRANDS. There is NO JAPAN without TOYOTA, SONY, MITSUBISHI and the likes; there is NO KOREA without SAMSUNG, LG, KIA, HYUNDIA and the likes; there is NO GERMANY without OPEL, BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, and the likes; and with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, you can even sing a song; MICROSOFT, FORD, COCA COLA, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and so on. The POOREST NATIONS HAVE NO VISIBLE and STRONG GLOBAL BRANDS that is attracting purchasing power from all over the world and bringing it to headquarters at home with significant impact on GDP and Per Capita Income.
Also, Nations have continued to find prosperity by ensuring that their people are not just able to invest in the home-grown ideas (as represented by goods and services), but that home-grown ideas are receiving patronage from people of diverse cultures, particularly through technology (riding on the back of telecommunication, computers and the internet). This is how nations must behave in the new economy. GOING GLOBAL also helps strong organizations and institutions to know that a problem in one market can be an opportunity in another; and one market can be the shock absorber for volatility of in another. It is also that opportunities must be defined differently such that thinking globally will allow for data gathering and information sharing from a helicopter view.

Africa need to have these conversations; and more than that, Africa needs its young people accepting responsibility for big projects with global bearing. We are so sadly DISTRACTED by the "BIG CROWN on the heads of ONE-EYED KINGs in the land of the BLIND" that empowers people in so-called 3rd World environments to focus on PASSING the TEST OF LOCALITY at the EXPENSE of the TEST OF UNIVERSALITY. Entities in the business, the arts, sciences, sports and even religion, have continued to raise the reputation capital of nations, impacting on GDP and Per Capita Income in the process. IDEAS GOING GLOBAL will ignite NEW VOICES of GLOBAL THINKERS, DECISION MAKERS AND INFLUENCERS across diverse sectors to make significant GLOBAL DIFFERENCE for our BLESSED CONTINENT.

Olakunle Soriyan

Lead Reseacher, Intellectual Property Owner and Lead Facilitator of the POWER-PARENTING IDEOLOGY
Olakunle Soriyan Lead Reseacher, Intellectual Property Owner and Lead Facilitator of the POWER-PARENTING IDEOLOGY Mastermind. Futurist. Incredible blend of gift and skill. Leading Public Speaker. Authentic Thought Leader. One of Africa's clearest and most sought-after high-impact knowledge owners. This is how many industry professionals and observers have continued to describe Olakunle Soriyan. He is the Principal Transformation Strategist of the OLAKUNLE SORIYAN COMPANY, a Total Life Management (TLM) and Nation Building, Training, Coaching and Consulting Firm. The company works with leaders of various arms of Government and NGO's as well as Business and Institutional leaders at all levels, using original, home grown research and principle based methodologies. Soriyan works strictly with thinkers, decision makers, influencers as well as the most vulnerable in society. He is shaping CULTURE in ENTERPRISE, GOVERNMENTS, YOUTH and FAMILY LIFE through THOUGHT REVOLUTION. He is also co-visionary of the POWERPARENTING COMPANY, CORPORATE CULTURE COMPANY and TRUCEWORK LTD. He also founded the Non-Profit: AFRICA-SEES. Soriyan serves on the Board of various organizations, and is a Radio host, TV personality, and Consultant of high pedigree. He has developed many best-selling products helping hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe. The Personal Advisor, Counselor, Coach and Confidant to many high net-worth individuals and high-profile organizations, promotes ORIGINALITY as a critical pathway to PURPOSEFULNESS at any level of development. He is happily married to his immensely gifted Wife, Tiwalade and they are blessed with a son, Olakunle David.

Hosting Cities/Venues

IDEAS GOING GLOBAL BUSINESS COCKTAIL, a Nation-Building and Thought Leadership Exchange, will take place in Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Lagos, Nigeria December 9th, 11th and 17th 2016 respectively. The IDEAS GOING GLOBAL event will hold at Abuja: The Myra event centre, Plot 135 Mustapha Bello Street- Guzape Asokoro, Abuja Port-Harcourt: The ATRIUM, 28 Stadium Road Port-Harcourt, Lagos: The Nigeria Institute of International Affairs; 13/15, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos


For enquiries or clarifications of any kind, call +234-812-811-8883 or email iggproject@olakunlesoriyan.com