pick my brain

Will you like a quick meeting with Olakunle Soriyan to clarify a thought or an idea?
Do you desire to pick his brain on a project you are working on or on something really dear to you, your team or family? Soriyan is convinced that while you may need many hours to flesh out a thought, you do not need more than 15mins to put any thought in perspective. Soriyan will help. And it is FREE OF CHARGE**
**Note that Olakunle Soriyan reserves the right to determine the meeting platform, it can be via telephone, video call, chat or an in-person sit down. Also, though advisory is FREE OF CHARGE, you will be required to make a donation of ANY amount to the social intervention efforts of OLAKUNLE SORIYAN. Olakunle Soriyan helps thousands of vulnerable people every year as well as plan various free empowerment conferences and town hall meetings managed by a Non-Profit organization. All donations picking Olakunle Soriyan's brain goes to charity.

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